From Jacksonville to San Francisco, who will take home the next set of rings? Super Bowl 57 Prediction

 There surely was no end to the heart-clenching games decided by a singular point during the wild-card rounds, which also held one of the greatest comebacks in all of the NFL’s postseason history. Now, four of the 6 teams that were higher in the rankings from just last weekend (this excludes the cowboys) won their games and are joining the top seeds in the divisional round.

The Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills still are favored to win the Super Bowl. Their competition is kind of tight, even so. The betting market also makes for tight competition (sorta) with barely any splits between bets. In other topics, the 49ers have somehow traded spots with the Eagles as the choice for the NFC after a win where they dominated the Seahawks 41-23.

San Francisco vs Dallas is a big game, and if the 49ers can survive its game against the Cowboys (which they most likely will), they will be rated higher than the Eagles. 

In AFC news, the Bengals are an overlooked team in betting. Although, their history of injury on its offensive line leaves most bettors discouraged from the AFC champions from last year. The Bengals’ offensive line was its biggest fault last year, those problems seemed to be fixed this year until week 16 when La’el Collins tore his ACL, then 2 weeks later, guard Alex Cappa injured his ankle in week 18; and then tackle Jonah Williams is in jeopardy with his Sunday game after a knee injury.

Just like the Bengals, the Cowboys are looking to take the part of Super Bowl contenders on paper, but in practice, it looks not so good after what we saw at the end of this year's regular season. When Dallas barely beat three teams with replacement passers and lost two more games thanks to Dak Prescott and his turnover depression, which he hasn’t yet left behind.

The Bengals and the Cowboys might be able to win it all. But, should you bet on them? It may or may not be worth the risk.

The Jags and Giants have exceeded many’s expectations this season, even so, the Super Bowl betters aren’t willing to bet on them in the divisional. They both find themselves as long shots to win after their first playoff appearances in years (This is 11 for the Giants and 5 for the Jaguars). But, do they have enough power left in them to be good enough to win it all?

We’ve seen the Jags, Chargers, Ravens, and Cowboys pull off some immaculate stunts. But the New York Giants are showing they might be a dominant force after beating the Vikings. But, can their defense hold up anymore? We will see on Saturday against the Eagles. Similarly, can Lawrence bring an upset at Arrowhead? There will not be any doubt against the Jag's ability to send it completely.

With my totally professional opinion, the Bengals and the Eagles are going to Super Bowl 57. 

Written by Andrew, a football enjoyer.


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